Review : O-lens Hidel Series Gold Latte (Silicone Hydrogel Lens) feat. Pinkicon

Kamis, Agustus 25, 2016

Hello, everyone!
*review ini akan ditulis dalam bahasa inggris

I'm sorry for being MIA for sooooo long. I've been very busy with university stuff and can't find my time to blog peacefully~
Today I will be reviewing this circle lenses that I got from Pinkicon. Pink icon is an online store based in Hong Kong. They have a huge collection of contact lenses from different brands, colors, etc. Not only contact lenses, they also sell a lot of makeup and skincare products, wigs, even fashion stuffs and cameras. But I think they're famous for their wide collection of contacts, that's why I'll be reviewing their contact lenses today.
The contact lenses that I'll be reviewing are from the brand O-lens Hidel Series in the color "Gold Latte".

Here's what the packaging looks like. It's like the usual korean contact lenses; packaged with glass bottles and stuff, but one thing that I like is they included a contact lenses container, which is very helpful since I don't have any left.
The packaging doesn't have any english description to it. But since I often wear contacts, it doesn't bother me tho.

Contact lens packaging like this can be quite tricky to open. You have to search for the arrow that shows where to pull. If you're not careful, you can hurt yourself with the aluminium when opening these. So be extra careful!

I recommend not to use the contacts straight out from the bottles. Washing it first is best since it will rinse the lenses from the liquid that already in the bottles for months probably lol.
So, I washed the lenses with my contact lens solution, and I put them in the container provided.
The color I choose is very natural (Gold Latte). It doesn't have much color in it, it's mostly clear with subtle brown border. This lenses have a slight enlarging effect when used, but not much.

sorry for my messy eyebrows!

See? It's very natural and not too distracting.
Overall I like this contact lenses. I love the color (since I love natural-colored contacts), it's pretty comfortable, and easy to use. The first time I tried this lenses on, it stings a little bit but after I blinked a few times, it's as comfy as it can be although if used all day, my eyes will feel a bit heavy. I used them outside for a few hours and it's just as good as my other lenses. It didn't make my eyes red or anything.
The diameter of the lenses are 13.30/13.70mm, that's why it's not as enlarging as other korean lenses out there :) Oh and these lenses have 40% water content, I don't know it's good enough or not, but my eyes didn't feel dry after a few hours though so I guess it's okay.
The only downside is I think it's a bit on the expensive side (since this is an international online store, not Indonesian online store).

Okay, I think that's all for this review :)
If you want to get these contact lenses, you can click the links below:
Pinkicon website here
Pinkicon Facebook page here
Pinkicon Instagram here

I hope this can help some of you!

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