New Layout, New Design, New Me

Kamis, Maret 17, 2016

Hi everyone!
How are you finding the new blog design? 
It's more simple and minimalist. Not much color, not much fuss.

My old blog layout was designed since years ago. And I wanted something new, as I'm majoring in design now. My taste is pretty much different from couple of years ago. 

I'm into simplicity and classic designs. That's why this blog is 180 degrees different right? I changed the header as well.

Well, I hope you like it! 
And if you find some errors or if you have some advice for me to improve this blog, let me know in the comments below.

See you on my next post!
xoxo, Jessi ∞
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  1. simpel tp apikk jess.. bikin sendiri kahhh? XD

    1. maacii :3 header dll nya iya, templatenya nggak XD hahaha

  2. Layout dan desainnya lebih girly mantap deh jadi kelihatan banget imutnya hehe

    Terus wajahnya juga memang terasa beda ga terlalu gemuk, dan sepertinya lebih ramah dari sebelumnya. :)

  3. Seger banget layoutnya Jess. Simpel. Syuukaaaa :D

  4. aku suka layoutnya, bersih bangeet jess <3 <3
    ini kamu bikin sendiri apa gimana? hihi
    lucuuu lho pastel pink gini bikin adem

    ♥ Pinastika Beauty Blog ♥

    1. hihi maaci ce dewie, header ngewarna dll nya nya iya tp templatenya nggak XD

  5. Love the new look, JA! modern minimalist, and fresh! xo


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