Review : EM Michelle Phan - Love Me For Me Foundation and Powder

Selasa, Januari 20, 2015

Hi everyone, how are you?
Today I want to review two base makeup those I use recently. Love Me For Me Foundation and Powder, Which are from EM cosmetics Michelle Phan.
As you know, I live in Indonesia. And I have to order from the EM cosmetics website with international shipping to get these products. I found that it was quite complicated, you have to own this account on a certain website and you have to pay via PayPal and so on etc. Also, the custom in Indonesia (especially for liquids) is quite hard, I don't know why.
So I found a local online shop that opened a pre-order of EM cosmetics, and I decided to order from them. Much easier right? I only required to place the order, pay with bank transfer, and bam. Done.

The waiting game was quite long. I think it was a bit more than a month. I purchased the products at the end of November '14, which was on a black friday sale. They were having a Buy One Get One free (BOGO) sale. And my order arrived around the first week of January '15.
But you know, it's worth it. I ordered a compact powder (comes with a free liquid foundation) and a lipstick which is free from the BOGO sale. It's a pretty good deal, I got 3 products for Rp. 390k (around USD $30).

And without further adieu, let's jump into the review.

At first, I had a hard time since most of the shades are quite similar. And some people also say that the shades on the website are not accurate. As you can see, I picked the shade "Shell 9". Apparently Michelle Phan uses this shade. I just thought "I think my skintone and Michelle's is quite similar. Lemme try this shade." I crossed my fingers hoping this color will be perfect, And turned out its the right match. Or at least I think it is.

Love Me For Me Flawless Foundation

EM cosmetics Love Me For Me Flawless Foundation (Shell 9)
29ml 0.98 fl.oz.
Inspired by the girl who loves her skin and wants to make it look naturally flawless.
Blends easily, cover flawlessly with a natural finish. 
EM tip : A little dab will do! Less is more with this true color foundation.

-I think you can only get this foundation with the compact powder purchase, since I don't find it listed on the EM cosmetics website-

The packaging itself is quite simple. Like any other EM products, it's dominated with white and a bit of black. The box was a bit dent because of the shipping, but the product is fine. On the white part of the box, there are some grey-colored motivational "em" words. Like emerge, emotion, embrace, etc. All EM products have these words on it. The description and ingredients are also listed on the box.
The foundation comes in a plastic bottle with a pump. Which is nice and hygienic. It also has a clear plastic cap to prevent spilling.

When I first opened it, I shake it a bit and I heard like a water sound. I was like "oh no... I hope I won't end up like a greaseball."
But when I pumped it out, it was not that watery. Just a bit less thick than other foundations I tried. And then I applied it, it was really nice actually! Not watery at all.
This foundation is not as thick as those heavy duty foundations. The finish is semi-matte and not sticky whatsoever. So if you have normal/dry skin, it will be fine if you skip your powder.
The scent is.... I don't know, this doesn't smell like anything lol. It's just a makeup smell to me. Nothing much.

This foundation is lightweight, thus the coverage is light. Can be build to medium coverage, but you have to blend very well so it doesn't get cakey. If me, I don't need that much coverage so I use 1 layer and a bit concealer, topped it off with powder and I'm done. But if you need higher coverage, I don't think this foundation is for you.
You won't have any trouble blending this, since this is very blendable. No streaky lines, no weird patches and stuffs. But I recommend to blend this foundation using a brush because if you use your fingers, it will be hard to blend nicely especially around your nose. Sponge is also not a good choice since it will absorb most of the foundation. 

sorry for my dark eyelids. Forgot to cover them
See? Perfect match. That's why there are no significant difference with my bare face. But my redness, dark nose, and pimply forehead is more less covered.

Love Me For Me Flawless Finish Powder Compact

 EM cosmetics Love Me For Me Flawless Finish Powder Compact
8g, 0.28 oz
USD $25 - comes with a free full-size liquid foundation

Inspired by the girl who wants an everything powder to take everywhere. 
The everything powder; super versatile to wear alone, over makeup, or as a touch-up.
EM tip : it's the hero of powders - evens skin tone, mattifies and doesn't look powdery!

- lightweight, silky texture
- super-refined, natural-looking coverage
- non-powdery, natural matte finish

This also has quite a simple packaging. Dominated with black and white with em motivational words, ingredients, and description on the box. The powder also has the em words on it (above and below the logo) but it's hardly captured on camera. When opened, this compact powder has a thin puff that I probably won't use and a good-sized mirror in it. Which is good for touch ups!
And the lid of this compact powder is magnetic, so when you close it, it will securely stay closed and won't accidentally opened up in your purse or makeup bag.

The texture is really fine and smooth. It's quite light, when I wear it alone, my skin look less shiny and this powder covers a bit of my redness. Which is not a problem to me since I usually wear at least BB cream or concealer when I go out.
I like that this powder has a silky texture and not powdery. I can apply this to the flakey part of my face and this powder won't dry it up more.
And should I say something about the scent? Of course this powder doesn't smell like anything XD

This powder if worn alone, can cover a bit of redness and evens out skintone. But for me, I can't wear this powder alone because although the coverage is nice, this won't last long enough. It will fade in around 2 hours because of my oily face. But I sometimes wear it over concealer just to minimize the shine and evens out my skin tone a bit.
What I like about this powder is it doesn't get cakey around my nose. Usually powders will caked up around my oily nose after a few hours but not this one!
I usually apply this using my powder brush. I don't like the puff provided, I think it's too small and thin XD

I LOVE these products! If I combine both of these, I got a flawless natural complexion. Once, I used these to my friend's birthday. The birthday is on a hotel rooftop, and it's super windy! Don't worry, I applied moisturizer with UV beforehand too.

I applied both the foundation and powder on 4pm and when I got home around 10pm without any touch up and blotting at all, it's still on my face. Although it kinda fades and looked a bit gross because of my oily face. (photo below) but trust me. This is kinda good, I know a foundation that is way worse. 
I'm not a big fan of the oil control. It's okay, but not great. Even with powder, my face will get oily after 2-3 hours and will need to touch up.
I like that the foundation doesn't oxidize (turns into weird orange if interact with oil). When I use this for the first time, I was kinda nervous since my previous foundation oxidize on my face. But not this one! Yay!

Here I'm using EM foundie + powder. That's my friend Tiffany and me :3
My face after 6 hours without touchup. A bit gross but the makeup is still there.

Finally done with this long review! If you're lazy to read all of that, here's the conclusion, 
Pros : 
  • Simple and secure packaging 
  • The foundation is blendable, but using a brush is recommended
  • Has a pump, which makes it more hygienic 
  • The powder is smooth, not chalky/powdery/cakey
  • Large mirror inside the powder
  • Perfect color, match on my skin
  • Photo-friendly, won't make your face lighter than your body
  • Lightweight, doesn't break me out
  • No harsh scents
  • Easy to travel with
  • Natural finish, which is enough for me
  • Doesn't oxidize
Neutral : 
  • Quite hard to get here in Indonesia, since you have to deal with INTL shipping, etc
  • Not suitable for people who wants a full coverage foundation/powder
  • The powder alone doesn't last long
  • Average oil control and staying power on my oily face. But maybe if you have normal-dry skin, these will stay for a whole day ^^
Cons : 
  • The puff provided is kind of useless since it's thin and small... I need to carry a separate powder brush if I want to touch up
  • Since these are photo-friendly makeup, of course no SPF. Hence not suitable for daytime. Unless you use sunscreen underneath :D
Rating : 3.5/5
Repurchase? Maybe, I want to try the full cover concealer ^_^

For the full catalog of EM cosmetics products, you can visit or follow their SNS @emcosmetics

Stay tune, EM Lip Gallery review is coming up soon!

Thanks for visiting!

Ps. I will update this review if there are any changes with the result.
What I wrote is my honest opinion.
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  1. kita beda jes, aku justru lebih prefer foundation yg watery hehe nice review anw ^^

    1. Oh yaa? Kulitku minyakan soalnya, kalau foundation terlalu watery mukaku bisa lengket gitu >.<

  2. Thanks for these nice review jes ^^
    Kyknya oke jg ini foundie dan compact powdernya.. tp hrgnya bikin mikir dl kalo mo beli XD

    1. Iyaa memang oke sih ce kalo engga seharian full pakenya >.<
      Tunggu promo ce, aku aja sengaja nunggu black friday biar murah XD

  3. nice review Jes, langsung flawless abis pake foundation sm compactnya :)

  4. beli di olshop mana jess? jadi pengen ><

    1. Aku pesen dari @etudebeautyid, dia waktu itu sempat buka PO em black friday tp skrg udah engga ada >.< mgkn bisa dari bunnybeauty atau olshop US cosmetic lain :D

  5. Aku kepengen nyoba sebenernya. Tapi duh... Harganya suka bikin mikir. Takutnya nggak sesuai. hehehehe....

    1. hehehe nunggu promo, bisa jadi murah banget ^^

  6. Aaaaa jessss aku udah lama banget pengen coba Em cosmetics tapi kalo order dr samanya langsung ribet dan gatau kalo di hongkong pesen dimana :(

    Itu dua2nya bener2 exactly promising buat kondisi kulit akuuu ! Thanks buat reviewnya yg jelas bgt!

    Sherry from ♕ SheemaSherry ♕ blog (

    1. bisa kok kak kalo mau agak ribet dikit, pesen dari websitenya. Pasti nyampe lah ke Hong Kong ^^
      hehe seneng deh kalo membantu >.<

  7. Kk mau beli yg ori dmn ya
    Aku takutnya dapet yg gk ori ka


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