Hello November 3rd, I'm turning 17.

Senin, November 03, 2014

Thank God, November is here, and the third day of November is here too. 
I don't know about you, but turning seventeen is a big deal for me. That means I'm more mature, independent, and able to take care of myself. 

I do not crave for much attention... but I simply dedicate this post for myself, in my own blog ^^ 

First, I want to thank GOD. He's my Father. My strength. My source of hope, happiness, and life. He's my saviour. Without Him, I can't do anything, I won't live and breathe until this very day. The first thing I did when the clock strikes 12, I pray.

Now, I want to thank my loved ones. My family and ALL of my friends. I love them so much, without them I won't be the person I am today.

Oh, and including you ^^ Without you I will not be here, writing this blogpost for you. 
Last but not least, I want to thank myself. She always here when I needed her to. She works hard, she never quit, she never surrender.

Happy birthday to me... 

Despite all the gratefulness, 
I promise I will take care of myself more, 
I will be a better, better, MUCH better person. 
I will be the salt and light to everyone around me.
I will succeed and happy.
I will make my family proud. 
And I will achieve my dreams. 
with GOD, 
anything is, of course, possible. 

Thank you so much, for your time reading this post ^^

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  1. happy b'day ya dear.. ternyata kamu masih muda belia..tapi udah jadi blogger kece.,jadi berasa tuwir nih akuu
    semoga panjang umur ya, sehat selalu, dan kebahagiaan selalu menyertaimu..


  2. Happy birthaday kak... moga blog nya makin bagus dan peminatnya banyak... Amien...


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