About me

I'm Jessica, the author of this blog. I live in Indonesia. Currently attending university in Surabaya and going back and forth Surabaya - Bali every holiday (well since my home is in Bali).

This blog contains mostly reviews, since I love trying beauty products and sharing the results with you. But I post something besides review from time to time. Well, this blog is about beauty related things in general.

I am open to partnerships, endorsements and collaborations. Please contact me via email or LINE.

I'm just an ordinary glasses-wearer 19 y.o girl who fell deep into the world of beauty and makeup. I love it so much, not because makeup can hide my imperfections, but because makeup can enhance my natural beauty and who I truly am. Yes, I do have imperfections such as pimples, redness, visible veins, and many more on my body and combination-oily skin which are often hard to deal with. But that's not the main reason why I apply makeup. I never want to hide myself behind makeup, I use it to be more confident and, well, I love doing it. I think that one reason is enough :)
"Be yourself", a phrase that we hear very often. But, what's wrong with being the best version of yourself, right?

Additional Information about me

Name : Jessica Alicia
Live in : Denpasar, Bali (Currently attending University in Surabaya)
Hair type : Straight-wavy, dark brown, kinda frizzy & puffy
Eye color : Dark brown/black
Skin type : Oily-combination
Hobby : Makeup and anything nerdy pretty much
Favorite things ever : Lip tints, minimalism, beaches, milk tea, monochrome patterns, notebooks with cute covers, perfumes, rainy days, and Instagram.

I hope you found this blog helpful and please continue to support me and this blog. I really appreciate each one of you who reads my posts. 

Thank you for visiting!
Jessi ∞