About me


My name is Jessica Alicia, but you can call me Jessi. I live in Indonesia and currently attending university in Surabaya and going back and forth Surabaya - Bali every holiday (well since my home is in Bali).

I'm an Indonesian Beauty Blogger since 2014 (well, technically 2013 but I started to be serious about it at 2014) and I'm very proud of it ♥︎ Here I share about my love for makeup and skincare, beauty tips, tutorials, and sometimes even my life updates and chit-chat. This blog contains mostly product reviews, since I love trying beauty products and sharing the results with you. But I post something besides review from time to time. Well, this blog is about beauty related things in general.

I am open to partnerships, endorsements and collaborations. Please contact me via email or LINE.

I'm just an ordinary 21 y.o girl who fell deep into the world of beauty and makeup ever since I discovered my mom's lipstick ;) I love it so much, not because makeup can hide my imperfections, but because makeup can enhance my natural beauty and who I truly am.

Yes, I do have imperfections such as pimples, redness, visible veins, and many more on my body and combination-oily skin which are often hard to deal with. But that's not the main reason why I apply makeup. I never want to hide myself behind makeup, I use it to be more confident and, well, I love doing it. I think that one reason is enough :)

"Be yourself", a phrase that we hear very often. But, what's wrong with being the best version of yourself, right?

Details about me!

♥︎ Name : Jessica Alicia
♥︎ Live in : Denpasar, Bali (Currently attending University in Surabaya)
♥︎ Hair type : Straight-wavy, dark brown, kinda all over the place
♥︎ Eye color : Dark brown/black
♥︎ Skin type : Oily-combination
♥︎ Hobby : Makeup and anything nerdy pretty much
♥︎ Favorite things ever : Lip tints, minimalism, beaches, milk tea, monochrome patterns, notebooks with cute covers, perfumes, rainy days, and Instagram.

I hope you found this blog helpful and please continue to support me and this blog. I really appreciate each one of you who reads my posts. 

Thank you for visiting!
Jessi ∞